Cindy the reporter


Cindy referred to herself as “a raging introvert”. She was intelligent, shy, and always wanted to be a reporter. Of course, she couldn’t be a reporter. To be a reporter one had to speak confidently to lots of people.

But these days it was different. The standards had changed. Cindy could begin her dream and report:

  • Rupert’s murder came as a shock to his friends. His Facebook page has 227 messages on it. Aida wrote: “I am stunned.” And Harrison the Triffid wrote: “Farewell, bud, see you on the other side”. Rupert’s mother is said to be too upset to speak to the Press.
  • John’s imprisonment for blowing up the shoe factory has meant that 877 people have left messages on his Facebook page. The comments are not all nice. Onlooker Charlie wrote: “I was only a few feet away from being hit by flying shoes.” Anthony, the sole survivor, is in an induced coma and currently unable to speak to the Press.
  • Henrietta’s baby’s sudden arrival in the back seat of a taxi has gone almost viral. The photos she took from her cell phone as she gave birth were posted by her partner Edwin on Facebook. There have been almost 19 thousand hits and 16 thousand likes. Mitzie wrote: “Well done Henrietta on taking such poignant photos”. Henrietta’s mother is said to be excited, and she Twittered “Delighted and Amazed! I never knew my daughter was so good at snapping pictures!”

That’s about all the News for today, apart from the presidential assassination. The late president’s Facebook page has been closed down, so we are unable to report about his bloody demise.

22 comments on “Cindy the reporter

  1. geemolina says:

    Hahaha. This made my day! Facebook/Social media is now the new medium for journalism(dreamy). Tehe. :D

  2. Good show of art imitating life. Have you seen that now the TV news is quoting Twitter for the news? When did that start happening?! I have my own Twitter account — don’t need the news to tell me what Twitter says.

  3. you should turn some of those news stories into full ones. The shoe factory could be pretty funny

  4. A sign of times to come? Or is it already here?

  5. Bob Mills says:

    Hahahaha this is classic! Still smiling

  6. The sole survivor….oh puns, you never fail to be delightful!

  7. umashankar says:

    The face of the times captured perfectly. Beautifully pulled off post.

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